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About Us

My name is Kern Castle, I am an herbalist who founded Mother Herbs in 2015, after seeing that I was capable of consistently being able to reverse severe symptoms of many different chronic illnesses using plants.


I began my healing journey with my parents, who both suffered from chronic diseases. My father had diabetes and my mother struggled with high blood pressure and migraines. I took matters in my own hands to encourage them to tap into the power of herbs and plant-based foods. My heart swelled at the fact that, within a short span of time, I was able to witness my parents regain their health. My father’s diabetes symptoms drastically reduced, my mother’s blood pressure regulated and she was no longer suffering from migraines. My mother, Carlene, who is the face of Mother Herbs logo, continues a holistic lifestyle and strongly believes in the healing power of herbs. 


In 2014, I experienced a severe case of food poisoning which propelled me to turn my own life around. I detoxed my body using herbs, and found that something within me opened up. It was like nature was calling out, and I heeded the call. I developed an extreme respect for the plants which were allowing me to become more intuitive with nature. Nature has shown me the way to lead the holistic life that I am living now. With a plant-based diet of wild-crafted food, I have found so much more energy and have also developed a more deepened connection between body and purpose.


I am a self taught herbalist, and have utilized the work and study of Dr. Sebi (Honduras) as the basis of my mentoring, and I have also closely studied the teachings of Dr. Lila Afrika. Though I am based in Trinidad and Tobago, I do travel around the world in search of different varieties of plants. In fact, 90% of our herbs are wild harvested from the mountains and forests of Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama and a variety of other countries.


My mission is to teach and share these practices with you, so you can experience high quality health. I am here to share the truth about herbs. Only you can heal yourself, I am just here to provide you with the knowledge.

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